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  • Full range of services for cargo delivery from China and Turkey

  • Selection of goods on individual parameters of the customer

  • Provision of commercial offers according to your requests

  • Young and ambitious team of professionals implementing non-standard logistics solutions in Europe and Asia

  • Delivery of specialized equipment/goods

  • From manufacturer to end customer


What we Do


Rail transportation

Rail transportation of goods is one of the most economical and provides great opportunities for transportation of quite large objects. Almost all land transportation loses out to rail transportation in terms of its load capacity.

Land transportation

Cargo transportation with the help of long-haul trucks, vans, refrigerators, tractors is one of the most profitable and safe options. Thanks to the developed road network, we draw up the most optimal route.

Sea transportation

The cargo capacity of ships is very large, which makes this type of transportation easy, profitable and suitable for many types of cargo.

Air transportation

The airplane is used when speed is the most important factor. Note that there are restrictions on the weight of cargo accepted on board the airplane.


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